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Because even the premier MOBILE fingerprinting service provider can’t be everywhere at once…
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A select number of partnership opportunities are now available.

Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC is now accepting partnerships to operate our LiveScan Fingerprint Machines throughout the NC/SC region!

What are LiveScan Fingerprint Machines?

LiveScan Fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically for submission to specific agencies, archiving, or fingerprint card printing.

We have invested in the hardware used to house this innovative technology.

What is the benefit of capturing fingerprints electronically?

 According to our rapidly expanding customer base, LiveScan technology is superior to old fashioned ink and pad fingerprint cards for  4    fundamental reasons

It's more efficient

The machines detect unusable fingerprint captures, all but eliminating fingerprints rejected during processing

It’s more hygienic

Fingerprints are captured on a smooth, sanitized screen, eliminating the need to roll bare fingertips onto used, impossible to clean fingerprint pads

It’s faster

Fingerprints are electronically transmitted immediately. Results can be obtained via email in as little as 3 – 48 hours

It’s the wave of the future

Companies like FINRA are phasing in electronic submissions in preparation for joining agencies like FDLE – which accepts electronic submissions exclusively for out-of-state applicants.

Why form a partnership with Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC?

Our LiveScan Fingerprint Partners are supplied with a LiveScan device and in-person training. Enabling you to quickly and easily begin to electronically capture, store, and submit fingerprints to several agencies and departments.

In addition, partnering with us provides inclusion on the services covered by our exclusive contract with one of only 13 FBI Channelers in the country. Allowing you to offer your customers additional services such as fingerprinting for FDLE submissions, FBI Background Checks, and FINRA fingerprint renewals that your competitors in NC/SC cannot.

Our Service Guarantee

 Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC is proud to be a member of the rapidly growing small business community in the Carolinas.

We are committed to providing cutting-edge fingerprinting technology and procedures. Our exclusive contract with our Channeler enables us to provide an ever-expanding array of services to customers in the region.

We are certified to provide LiveScan machines to businesses and are currently looking to form strategic partnerships in select locations throughout North and South Carolina.




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