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With an ongoing global health crisis, we are aware that large events, corporate offices, and retail locations need a solution for health verification.

As the premier option for innovative technology to provide safety and security in the Carolinas, we are excited to expand our service offerings to include FaceScan technology.

What Is FaceScan?

FaceScan is a safe and cost-effective two-part biometric thermal scanner. Built to verify identities using facial recognition, this cutting-edge hardware can also be applied to scan body temperatures. Supporting responsible business owners’ efforts to combat COVID19 in the workplace.

Why choose FaceScan?

The impact of the Coronavirus has changed the rules of workplace engagement. Businesses seeking to thrive in this new environment must be prepared to quickly implement adaptable safety protocols to adjust to rapidly changing recommendations.

First developed in 1965, facial recognition technology is now a practical tool available for commercial use. With FaceScan, any sized business secures the option to temperature screen employees or customers, verify identity via facial recognition software, and monitor the activity of large crowds with heat imaging.

What does FaceScan do?

FaceScan’s biometric thermal scanner comes with a variety of features built into each product.

Temperature Measurement

  • Accurate body temperature readings in real-time


Facial Recognition

  • 5% accuracy readings of the human face

Employee Verification

  • Pre uploaded personnel records matched with verification


  • Non-Contact Measurement
  • 2-feet radius of camera facial recognition ability

Learning Algorithm

  • Machine learning to verify multiple faces at once

NFC Reader

  • Keycard and QR code reader available

Direct Connectivity

  • FaceScan hardware connects right into a turnstile, gate locking systems, and access points
  • Connections also available to internet devices and local machines

Distance Verification

  • FaceScan hardware can perform facial recognition and thermal imaging from up to 2 feet away
  • 99.5% accuracy for identity verification, including crowds and multiple faces

Who Can Use FaceScan?


This technology can be used to support safety and security goals of every type and size of business.

Recommended applications include:


Large Scale Venues 

Temperature screening of large crowds at events


Commercial Buildings

Employee verification and temperature checks


Schools, Nursing Homes, and Other Care Providers

Temperature screening of patrons and visitors protect vulnerable populations

Single product purchases as well as wholesale options available.

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