Employment Background Checks


To avoid the hiring of a candidate whose past performance indicates a likelihood to pose a risk to the company’s operations, reputation, clients or other employees.

Who orders employment background checks?

Typically these checks are ordered by someone involved in the hiring decision, like a hiring manager or Human Resource representative.

What type of information is included?

There are differing levels for employment background checks, depending on how much information the potential employer requests. But a typical background check may include but is not limited to your

·         work history

·         Educational background

·         credit history

·         driving record

·         criminal background

·         medical history

·         social media presence

·         drug usage


Where does this information come from?

This depends on how the background check was solicited. Since there is no publicly accessible, comprehensive, nation-wide database, background checks have to be compiled from multiple sources. Many companies who only require your written consent to perform the search access public information from online databases. Companies requiring fingerprint cards typically access FBI background records.

Can I access these reports?

Not only do you have the right to access your background records at any time, it’s highly recommended that you do so. Mistakes in public records are not uncommon. These records can be the deciding factor in whether you get the job, qualify for a mortgage, or secure credit.

While there is no consolidated database you can consult for your own background information, you have the same resources available that potential employers use. To review what people are likely to discover about you:

  • Google yourself and read the results
  • Have a quick background check run on yourself
  • Solicit an FBI fingerprint background check

What if I find an error?

You always have the right to appeal information contained in your personal files. And it’s worth the effort to ensure that your history is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

But since employment background checks are pulled from multiple sources, there is no one process to address this issue.  The best thing to do if you wish to file a claim is to contact the source of the incorrect information and follow their dispute resolution process.


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