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Carolina Fingerprinting is committed to providing a convenient and high-quality fingerprinting experience. We value all of our customers, and we especially appreciate those who take time from their busy schedules to share a public testimonial.

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I used this service for a job overseas. The employer required an FBI background check. At the time I had a very busy schedule and was looking for someone to come to me to save time. I called the main number and received a good explanation of the service and requested they send someone to take my fingerprints at my address on that day. The person who came was professional and helpful. After the prints were done, it was a quick turnaround of a few days to get the report back. This company did a good job for me. – Steve Moore


Service doesn’t get better than this! I needed a quick appointment to get my fingerprints taken, and called the office as soon as it opened at 9am. They offered me a same day appointment, showed up on time, and called before their arrival. That’s right, *they* came to *me*! The friendly, polite technician quickly set up his equipment and told me everything I need to know to make sure the background check process goes smoothly. The fingerprinting was done in minutes and I couldn’t be happier. If you need fingerprinting or notarizing, I cannot recommend this service highly enough! – H.M., Charlotte, NC


The technician was wonderful. Quick, easy and the gentleman even came to my house. Would recommend. Trevor M., Millstone Commercial


This service saved my project! As an independent training consultant, I’m accustomed to the onboarding process of various clients. But I’d never been asked for fingerprints before. Carolina Fingerprinting’s ability to expedite the results of my fingerprint background check saved me the embarrassment of missing a deadline before I’d even begun the project. – Alissa Nash


During September 2018, I was required to provide copies of my fingerprints for purposes of 
establishing residence in another country. I first used the services of a public agency where my 
prints were twice taken unsuccessfully.

In desperation, I looked on the internet and found the name of Carolina Fingerprinting.
I called the telephone number provided and reached a person who was very knowledgeable 
about the process and understood my need. She told me that an agent could come to my 
residence for the process and scheduled a time. The cost was less than I had paid for the 
prints that had been taken before and submitted to the FBI through a Channeler.

The technician came to my house. He arrived on time and was immediately ready to get to work. I told him of the failures previously to capture my prints and he took that as a challenge to succeed. He worked with me, using his skill and knowledge until acceptable prints were captured. His equipment verified that useable prints were recorded.

My information was sent for an FBI clearance certificate which I received in less than two 
hours. Needless to say, I was relieved to have the documentation I was required to provide and 
thrilled with the service I received from Carolina Fingerprinting.

For those who require fingerprinting, I strongly encourage you to use the services of Carolina 
Fingerprinting. They are efficient, accurate and knowledgeable. You will be very pleased with 
the results. —Hannah H Stockwell

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