On-Site Mobile Fingerprinting

What do you mean by On-Site Mobile Fingerprinting?

We mean having your fingerprints taken should not be a hassle. With our mobile business model, you don’t need to obtain the necessary cards, locate our office, or navigate traffic to come to us. Our professional fingerprinting technicians will come to you!

You choose the time

In addition to being available during business hours, we also work weekends and evenings to make sure we can cover the needs of all our clients.

You choose the place

Our fingerprint technicians will arrive at your location and provide quality service with minimal disturbance to your environment.

No job too big or too small

We do not put any minimum on the number of people we come on location for and we can send additional fingerprint technicians for larger groups at no extra charge.


Advantages of On-Site Fingerprinting

Saves Productivity 
All we need is a desk-sized work surface and 10 minutes per person. Compare that turn-around with the amount of time lost for every associate who has to leave the premises just to be fingerprinted. 

Materials Provided
Our technicians travel with a portable, state-of-the-art fingerprinting lab and all necessary equipment. We even stock standard FBI (FD-258 cards) for your convenience. State-specific fingerprint cards can be obtained upon request.

Nationwide Affiliates
Since we have affiliate locations across the United States, one of our technicians is probably right near you.

Simply Contact  us to schedule an appointment and someone will be right over!

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