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Important Notice from Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC

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Need a License in Florida? Be Aware…

As of 2013, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) stopped accepting ink fingerprint card submissions for Florida licensing.


Who does this change affect?

Everyone applying for a license regardless of the applicant’s state of residence. Which has made it difficult for out-of-state applicants to get accurate information and assistance with processing their Florida license requests.


What are my options?

Carolina Fingerprinting can assist with all electronic submissions to Florida! We offer our services for one all-inclusive fee, so you don’t have to pay multiple fees to different agencies.


How does the process work?

Fingerprints are captured electronically and uploaded to FDLE. All you need is the ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) number issued by the requesting agency to schedule an appointment!

When can I expect results?

We are partnered with PrintScan, an approved Florida Live Scan Vendor. Which means your fingerprint scan can be processed quickly and accurately, allowing the FDLE to forward your results to the appropriate agency within 72 hours of submission.

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What is an ORI?

An ORI is a code that tells us why you are getting a background check.

The applicant will be given instructions (from the agency) that includes a specific ORI Number (Originating Agency Identifier). Florida Live Scan background checks are completed within three business days of receiving the electronic submission.