The live scan fingerprinting technique is an inkless fingerprinting process which transmits the fingerprint records of an individual to the FBI. This process involves the use of an advanced scanner to capture the unique traits of an individual’s fingertips. This process differs from the traditional ink and roll process which involves the rolling of the fingertip into the ink and stamping it on a fingerprint card. With the advancement of technology and inventions, the live scan process is preferred over ink fingerprinting because it is neater and faster. Reasons why live scan fingerprinting is the gold standard for criminal background checks:

Live scan fingerprinting provides a more qualitative capturing of fingerprints. Given that fingerprints are integral for investigative purposes, the digitized machine makes capturing accurate. This reduces risk that may be involved in criminal investigations.

Live scan fingerprinting techniques get the job done faster with less administrative burden. If in an investigation process the fingerprint quality is poor, the applicant would have to be re-fingerprinted thereby lengthening the time span of getting the job done. But, with live scan, if the fingerprint quality is poor, the system would indicate it immediately.
Live scan also ensures proper documentation.