Do You REALLY Know Who’s Guarding Your Most Precious Assets?

BE AWARE! Companies that opt for FBI Background checks receive the most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate screening results possible. But’s ineffective background screening is more common than you may think

The recent Wall Street Journal expose on the background screening practices of has once again shone a spotlight on the importance of effective employee background checks.

The country’s largest marketplace for babysitters and other caregivers recently had to do damage control when it was discovered that some of the providers the company listed did not have proper licensing to provide care. Others actually had criminal histories.

The company’s CEO, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, correctly pointed out the site functions as a marketplace platform, similar to Indeed or LinkedIn. But customers were understandably shocked. Due to the very nature of the services provided – the care of loved ones too vulnerable to be left alone – most people assumed that proper background checks would be a basic precaution.

They were wrong. And if you assume that online database background checks are enough to cover your responsibilities to your business and clients, you may be wrong as well.

Most employers understand and agree that it is critical to perform employee background checks. But the process is sometimes seen as too time-consuming and expensive. On-line, database-driven background check services promise nearly instant results for a relatively small investment. Which can appear to be an acceptable alternative.

The problem is, you get what you pay for.

We all leave a digital footprint.

The day we are born we are issued a birth certificate. And we are issued a final document to certify that we have died. In between, every major milestone in our lives is recorded somewhere.

But not in the same place.

Even government agencies don’t always share information with one another. There is no national standard for how information must be vetted, updated or retained. Information based on database records is vulnerable to human error, outdated policies and lax procedures.

Limitations of online search engines

Do you know why online search services require applicants’ personal information? Because the areas in which they have lived, worked, and gone to school drives the search engines. The algorithms these companies have developed are capable of quickly searching many databases. A task they can perform much more quickly and efficiently than human beings. But it can only track information it is asked for and report on the data it finds.

To stay competitive, online search services save time and money by limiting the databases they search. They only look at those that reflect the background data reported by the candidate. And a red flag that was recorded in California may not show up in a database in Virginia.

Searches based on false or incomplete information can lead searches in the wrong direction. Which can easily result in incomplete and false reports.

FBI Fingerprint Background Checks are a better way!
People can change their name, obscure their background, even purchase fake identification.
But applicants cannot fake their fingerprints.

Which is why fingerprints are considered the gold standard for personal identification.

And fingerprints taken with Livescan technology can be forwarded directly to the FBI for processing.

Unlike those third-party online background check services, the FBI has access to the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS). The same system police across the country consult during criminal investigations.

Fingerprint-based background checks processed by the FBI  are more reliable. There aren’t so many opportunities for errors or omissions common when multiple people have to input data into numerous databases all over America.

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