Driving Record


To verify a person’s legal ability to operate a motor vehicle as well as relevant information on accidents, moving citations and driving restrictions that may indicate safety/ability concerns.

Who orders driving license checks?

Driver’s license reports are usually ordered by people with a relevant stake in your driving history. Examples include:

  • Employers for positions when driving is a job requirement
  • Car insurance companies
  • Employers or volunteer organizations employing people to transport children or the elderly

What type of information is included?

Driver’s license reports typically detail

  • The status of your driving privileges, including any restrictions or suspensions
  • Limited history of moving violations based on your state’s DMV policies
  • Current number of points assigned due to traffic tickets, accidents, and other driving-related violations
  • Advanced training and endorsements

Who provides this information?

Your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

How can I access this report?

You can request a copy of your driving record from your state’s DMV at any time.

The process and fees vary by state.

  • Some states require you to go to a physical DMV location to order the report.
  • Other states offer the options to request your records by mail, telephone, or online.

What if I find an error?

As with all information in your personal file, you have the right to challenge incorrect information. Simply contact the DMV in your issuing state and follow their dispute resolution process.


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