Professional License Checks


Verification of the applicant’s professional credentials, indicating that the applicant has proven knowledge and experience in their chosen field and is considered a member in good standing of their professional community. 

Who needs a professional license?

There are a variety of professions who issue professional licenses to prove the expertise of its members, including:

  • Financial services professionals such as financial planners/consultants, real estate agents/brokers, accountants, bankers, and insurance agents
  • Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and skilled technicians
  • Skilled tradesmen such as electricians, licensed general contractors, plumbers, and builders
  • Professional educators such as teachers, professors, and administrators
  • Health and beauty practitioners such as cosmetologists, masseuses, and estheticians

Who provides information for these reports?

Professional license background checks are usually handled by the relevant industry or state licensing board. Information typically verifies whether or not the license is current, valid and held in good standing without active restrictions or violations.

How can I access my report?

Contact your licensing board and request a written copy of your file.

How do I dispute an error?

Contact your licensing board and follow their dispute resolution process.


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